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Some of our realizations, systems  and machineries totally reconditioned and new supplies installed on the basis of our customer’s necessities.


International Exhibitions.

Fatti trasportare dalle OFFERTE



Transpallet ad azionamento manuale con portata di 2500 Kg.

Misure: 540x1150 mm

Altezza minima: 85 mm - Altezza massima: 200 mm

Due rulli in poliuretano e ruote in gomma elastica.



Transpallet ad azionamento manuale con pesatore elettrico con portata di 2000 Kg.

Misure: 550x1150 mm

Altezza minima: 85 mm - Altezza massima: 200 mm



Transpallet elettrico con portata di 1500 Kg.

Produzione Made in Italy per la vostra sicurezza

The change we are experiencing has revealed new needs, prompting us to expand our range of products and services.

This is why we have focused on new products suitable for sanitizing and disinfecting environments, surfaces, objects and clothing.

Contact us to find out about our entire range of products.


Today we promote REA steam generators !!!   (link to the video:


Total renew of the production systems

Taking of all machineries from our customer, total reconditioning and repainting in our laboratory and reinstallating of them in one month.

New factory

Installation of new systems in the new factory.